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Accelerated Orthodontics
Reduced Time in Braces

Want straighter teeth, but dread wearing braces for years? Accelerated orthodontic devices, using high frequency vibration to accelerate the rate of orthodontic tooth movement, are your answer. Propel’s VPro device (an FDA approved medical device) is designed to complement your braces (or aligner) treatment. This waterproof device is highly portable and is used just 5 minutes a day!

Good Vibes, Better Treatment

High frequency vibration, like the vibration delivered from the VPro+, improves orthodontic treatment both mechanically and biologically. This unique vibration profile can lead to many orthodontic benefits:

  • Reduced Treatment Time by up to 64%
  • Efficient Tooth Movement
  • Reduced Discomfort
  • Improved Predictability
  • Optimal Aligner Seating
  • Assists in Retainer Wear

How to Use the Device:

  1. Charge the device fully prior to first use.
  2. Connect the mouthpiece to the motor (arrow should point toward the button). Confirm that the device feels secure and stable.
  3. While braces or aligners are in place, place the VPro in your mouth and bite down gently. You only need to bite hard enough to keep the device in place.
  4. Press the button to activate vibration. The device will vibrate for 5 minutes and automatically shut off.
  5. Clean after use and charge if necessary.