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Our TRIOS 3Shape wireless scanner offers best-in-class scanning technology to provide a colour 3D image of your teeth!

The intraoral scanner delivers the MOST ACCURATE impression of your teeth. It is FASTER and MORE COMFORTABLE than taking a goopy, conventional impression. The digital file is sent straight to the orthodontic lab, where a 3D model is printed. This 3D model is used to fabricate any appliance you may need for your teeth!

Intraoral scanning:

  • No need for traditional alginate (goopy) impressions
  • Digital impressions don’t rely on radiation to create images
  • Allows us to start, stop, and restart scanning at any time
  • High-quality digital impressions improve diagnostics and communication
  • Accurately captures your bite in real time for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Reduced visits and chair time with easy fit of customized appliances
  • Monitors your progress by virtually removing brackets and comparing your tooth movement with your treatment plan

Mississauga Orthodontics and Six Points Orthodontics offer a complimentary 3D scan to all patients coming in for a consultation. The scan allows Dr. Gawlik to see your teeth and bite from all angles in order to develop the best treatment plan possible.