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Emergency orthodontic care at Mississauga Orthodontics & Six Points Orthodontics generally involves alleviating pain or discomfort caused by orthodontic appliances such as braces, expanders, or retainers. Most often, this includes re-attaching loose brackets, clipping poking wires, re-cementing loose appliances, and replacing broken or lost retainers.

If you experience any of the above, please contact our Mississauga or Etobicoke orthodontic office as soon as possible. We provide an after-hours emergency number just for times like these! That way, we can guide you through correcting the problem yourself at home or scheduling an appointment at our office.

Common Orthodontic Issues

  • Loose Appliance: A loose appliance will generally need to be re-cemented at our office. Please bring the loose appliance with you when you come in.
  • Loose Bracket: Loose brackets do not need to be fixed urgently, but you must call us to let us know in advance if anything is broken! We will re-attach it for you!
  • Loose Wire: If you have a loose wire that has slipped out of the last bracket (brace) at the back of the mouth, try to reinsert it yourself. If you can’t do that, just leave it as is and apply wax if it is poking you. We will fix it at your next visit.
  • Poking Wire: If you can push the wire in gently with your finger or the back of a pencil/blunt object, please do so! Often that’s all it takes to fix the problem! Otherwise, apply wax to the area as needed to smooth it over until you can come to our office.
  • General Soreness: It’s normal for your teeth to be sore while they are being moved! Take an Advil or Tylenol if needed for the first few days after your appointments. It can help to take an Advil or Tylenol just before you come in, if you anticipate being sore or uncomfortable.
  • Facial Trauma: If you are in significant pain and/or have lacerations to your lips, cheeks, or face, you should go to your family doctor or emergency room. Often times an oral surgeon will need to see you.

Emergency Care at Mississauga Orthodontics & Six Points Orthodontics

When it comes to your emergency orthodontic treatment, experience matters! Dr. Gawlik was trained at a hospital-based orthodontic residency program and is very comfortable with all aspects of emergency dental care. She has worked closely with oral surgeons and has completed countless oral surgery rotations and externships in Canada and the United States, including a dental trauma externship at Louisiana State University.