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"I depend a lot on reviews so I understand the importance of being objective in my reviews. I found out about Mississauga Orthodontics through Google reviews and starred it as a place I wanted to go but later forgot about them.

Several months later, my dentist referred me to two popular orthodontists. The first one had horrible reviews so i didn’t bother. I booked a complementary consultation with the second and had a bad experience there. Almost everyone I met there was uptight and the orthodontist examined me in approx 5 mins (both of us standing). In addition, I had used aligners in the past and didn’t want to deal with the rigorous routine so told him I wanted traditional braces but they only gave me the option of metal braces. It was absolutely unbelievable. I’m a person of colour and I later read reviews from other people of colour complaining about subtle racism. I decided to search using reviews and I came across Mississauga Orthodontics again. I was impressed by the reviews and decided to give them a try.

As soon as I walked into the office, I was greeted by Natasha’s welcoming smile. Pictures of my teeth were taken, Dr Gawlik examined my teeth (with me on the examination chair) and patiently explained what was wrong and how the treatment would progress. I felt at home. When I told her I wanted traditional braces, she told me all the available options and the pros and cons of each. When I found out my insurance did not cover orthodontics, I called to tell her I couldn’t proceed with the treatment. She genuinely reached out to discuss options. You could hear the sincerity in her voice. Thanks to the support and encouragement I received from her, I explored other options and found out my husbands insurance covered 60%. I started my treatment in January and I’m amazed by the progress so far. During my last appointment, my dentist told me my teeth were aligning very well. I gladly bragged about Dr Gawlik and Mississauga Orthodontics lols.

I can honestly tell you that I’m always excited when I have my orthodontist appointment. Firstly, because I know my teeth alignment is getting better and secondly because I’ve grown a deep bond of friendship with everyone there that I feel as if I’m hanging out with my friends. We talk about Covid, online schooling for the kids, the weather, etc. I always leave there happy and after each appointment, I stop for a 5 -10 mins chitchat with Natasha while she books my next appointment lols. I’m also learning some of the terminology/lingo they use so that I can sound as smart as they do lols. I’ve got two kids that need orthodontics treatment and they are definitely coming here because I know my kids are in great hands.

If you’re looking for an orthodontist that is very professional, knowledgeable and treats you like family (not the warped type of family) then look no further. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. They deserve this and much more. Every single person that works there is amazing. Mississauga Orthodontics, if you’re reading this, you totally rock!"

-Chidinma U.

"Dr. Monica Gawlik brings unparalleled skill and friendly service to all her patients. She is the type of orthodontist that makes a visit fun,easy, and professional. With a high degree of expertise in her field of work she never leaves a patient with a question, and in return the patients never leave her without a smile. I honestly never thought that my visits at the orthodontist would be the highlight of my month. Seeing my teeth look so good feels like a blessing, all thanks to the kind, approachable and professional Dr. Monica Gawlik. If you are looking for a place to get your braces done look no further, Dr. Monica Gawlik are the best hands you can be put in."

-Lukasz K

"Dr Gawlik is awesome. Our 8 year old son is autistic and does need some special attention. Dr Gawlik made him fell relaxed and walked him through all procedures which really help to put his mind at ease. Our appointments were always on time which helped our little guy immensely, waiting for prolong periods can get to him. A true professional that put our minds at ease when it came to our son's orthodontist needs. We highly recommend her and her team :)"

-Marcus M.


"The one thing that’s important to me and stands out is the communication. If at any time, you have an issue with where your treatment is going, Dr Gawlik happily answers all questions/concerns. My braces came off after 14 months of treatment. When the braces came off I was given a mirror and the first thing I thought was, "oh boy, my teeth are so evenly aligned!" My family jokes that it looks like I’m wearing dentures. ;-) Monica does take pride in keeping patients happy and do go out of their way for patient's requests. Come here for all your orthodontic needs. The team is extremely helpful and friendly. Dr Gawlik takes real pride in her work. Her team always do a great job and not even one time were running late and falling behind schedule. The best dental practice I've ever entered. Dr Gawlik’s work is undertaken on trust and you can definitely trust her. The quality of the dental work is faultless and her customer service is outstanding. You'll be amazed. From start to finish it was a great experience."

-Paul B.


"Believe me having to tell my 7 year old that she needed braces wasn't easy. It was hard enough to find a kid's dentist that would make her feel at ease (and we found one!). I never thought that she would ever look forward to going to the orthodonist...and after she met Dr. Gawlik, it happened! Dr. Gawlik is the most professional, caring, kind, and most personable orthodonist I have ever met. My daughter just loves her and looks forward to seeing her. I know that my daughter is always in good hands. Dr. Gawlik explains everything in an easy to understand manner and makes children feel safe, at ease, and happy. My daughter's teeth look amazing now. I highly recommend her for any orthodontal care that your child or children need. Dr. Gawlik thank you for being such an amazing orthodonist!"

-Giulia F.


"Every visit with Dr. Monica Gawlik and the staff was a pleasure. The procedure stayed on schedule and on budget. The result of having my teeth corrected was a pleasant surprise to me and I was so pleased with the results that it really changed my outlook on everyday life. I now talk with a smile and laughter is back. It truly made a huge impact on my everyday life. I walk with swagger now and feel that I'm 10 yrs younger. Yes I'm 63 yrs young and I feel the money spent was a great investment for my future. Thank you Dr. Gawlik and staff."

-Louise B.


"Dr. Monica Gawlik is an amazing orthodontist. She is welcoming children, the parents and even adults for braces and/or invisalign treatment. She is great with children and adults as well. Dr. Monica Gawlik is very highly knowledgeable orthodontist and knows what she is talking about. My son and I were never afraid of the procedures made by her such as braces, how to clean braces or taking some impression of the teeth to name only few. She explains every detail step by step and takes the fear away from the children and the adult patients as well. Dr. Gawlik and her team were never annoyed if we had to visit the clinic suddenly because of the broken braces. The treatment, budget and the most important part the outcome and how will the result look like were on time as Dr. Monica Gawlik explained. My son, now 11, and I both finished the treatment and thanks to Dr. Monica Gawlik we have wonderful teeth. Especially me I am constantly smiling. We feel were in good hands. I always highly recommend her if I am asked. Thank you so much for all your help and believing in my teeth that they could be corrected."

-Huelya B.